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Give a new touch to your home with

Bamboo Handicrafts

Give a new touch to your home with

Bamboo Handicrafts

For Your Home

Passionately Crafted Handicrafts

Bamboo Handicrafts are one of the oldest crafts better known to man. It’s all around practiced in different areas all through India, thus there are a lot of handicraft manufacturers in India. India has had a chic wellspring of bamboo materials, and thus, the Indian skilled workers had seen to give brilliant utility articles. These things are planned for family use. In the current days, different sorts of ornamental things are made from bamboo.

The art of handmade bamboo products is the everyday work of thousands of people in India. These craftsmen likewise participated in making embellished things. Another fascinating aspect of those bamboo items is their extra interest.

Plastic-free 90%
Promote Sustainability 95%
Great for refurbishing old items 100%
Strong & durable 80%

bamboo lights

bamboo tiles

bamboo wall hanging

bamboo pen stand

Safe and hygienic

Handicrafts designed for kitchen use are safe and hygienic as Bamboo is grown without any toxic treatment.

Great for the environment

The environment friendly features of bamboo are the main reason why bamboo handicrafts are becoming extremely popular.

Odour and stain resistant

Bamboo is robust and can resist water and moisture so it is easy to clean.

Light in weight

bamboo is a durable, natural, and sustainable material that is lightweight.

Longer lasting

They are manufactured with a smooth finish, so they are not likely to become porous or rough after a few uses.


The natural aesthetic of eco-friendly handicrafts is undeniably stylish and attractive.


They are inexpensive and offer good value for your money because it is durable and will last a long time.

Eye pleasing

Handicrafts give a natural touch to your living also they are eye pleasing.

Say bye to synthetic things

We should embrace these eco-friendly things made of bamboo in our regular routines and at all times say ‘Bye – Bye’ to all synthetic materials, that have overwhelmed each side of the world today, disturbing and ruining the ecology, and destroying the pristine purity of the ecology.

Leap into the world of crafts and you will be enchanted by its true splendor and charm.

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