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Eco-friendly feel in your corporate life with

Bamboo cottage

Eco-friendly feel in your corporate life with

Bamboo cottage

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Bamboo Cottage

Glass, concrete, aluminum, and steel are frequently employed in contemporary architecture to form the universal modernist language. It was customary to build houses out of bamboo trees. The practice of investigating the potential of conventional materials appears to have decreased as prefabricated materials have become more prevalent.

Bamboo is a resource that is plentiful in tropical and subtropical Asia, and we discovered new uses for it. Traditional constructions frequently support lightweight structures using bamboo. Because of its durability, adaptability, and versatility, it effectively accomplishes its goal. We use ancient construction materials in new and unusual ways that make us different from all bamboo cottage manufacturers in India.

Low weight & high durability 90%
Environment friendly 95%
Earthquake resistance 100%
Density & strength 80%

Lightness and flexibility

Bamboo is increasingly integrated into modern buildings due to its lightness and flexibility.

Affordable material

Due to its rapid growth & renewable property, it is easily available at an affordable price.

Resistant to natural disasters

It is resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes and hurricanes.

sustainable substitute

Researchers say that its strength could make it a sustainable substitute for traditional materials.

unique design

Compared with the space scale performance of traditional installation and bamboo art, they fully express the tenacity and constitutive property of bamboo in design.

Balance with the nature

When people enter the space, they could feel the tranquil atmosphere together with the balance between architecture and nature

Creates Habitable environment

It offers a more habitable environment to our next generation.

Good for environment

It reduces the emission of Co2 & carbon footprint through the implementation of natural materials.

Inspiring the environment friendly & better living.

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