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Top 7 Best Bamboo Manufacturing Unit In India

Bamboo is the primary raw material used by the bamboo manufacturing unit in India. Asili Bamboo By Sharman is one of many bamboo product manufacturers in India. Although it is a well-known manufacturer of bamboo, it faces tough competition from companies like Kerala State Bamboo Corporation, Beco, and The Bamboo Bae. Epitome bamboo wood products, Madake, Codesustain, Kosons forest product Pvt ltd, and Bamboodu are Asili Bamboo’s other remaining competitors. Despite being competition, we all strive to improve human living through the production of sustainable & eco-friendly bamboo products and the prevention of plastic pollution.

Bamboo is regularly used to construct houses in rural and semi-urban areas, according to manufacturers of bamboo products in India. A vast variety of indoor and outdoor items are made all over the world using bamboo and products derived from it. Their robust development and species diversity are useful for a variety of things. Also, bamboo is used in numerous industries, which reduces the price of manufacturing. By utilising bamboo in a range of industries, bamboo product manufacturers in India have had a significant impact on the Indian industrial economy. The Top 7 Best Bamboo Manufacturing Units in India will be covered in this blog.

1. Kerala State Bamboo Corporation -

At Angamaly South, Ernakulam, Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd. is renowned for satisfying the needs of its customers. Since its founding in 1971, the company has been well-known in its industry.

Its main goals are to develop and promote businesses based on bamboo, reed, cane, and rattan; to manufacture and trade products made of these materials; and to offer financial, technical, marketing, and other kinds of support. Now, the company has ISO 9001-2000 certification. Since its founding, KSBC has worked to improve the economically and socially deprived classes of society by creating jobs and a basic income for them. Its offerings include bamboo plywood, furniture, flooring tiles, and handcrafts made of bamboo.


2. Beco-


Beco is a well-known company that provides sustainable and environmentally friendly substitutes for packaging and single-use plastics. And the ambition to enable each person to aid in preserving the environment. It is the first company to sell sustainable products for the house, kitchen, and personal care.

They sell bamboo products like toothbrushes, tissue rolls, reusable kitchen towels, facial tissues, and baking papers. Also, they sell certain bamboo-based eco-friendly goods including shopping bags, compostable garbage cans, and cleaners.

3. Epitome bamboo wood products (Mutha Industries) –

Your home is equipped with green initiatives thanks to Mutha Industries. It aims to alter how Indians design their houses by offering the first eco-friendly solutions in the nation. Its bamboo decking, cladding, doors, door frames, and exquisite handcrafted furniture all have a hardwood appearance and feel.

Bamboo wood is a magnificent creation that gives the luster, toughness, and opulent finish of hardwood without environmental harm. Their selection of hues, textures, and sheens has been carefully crafted to provide an exotic sense that is ideal for Indian settings. Any home, business, or leisure area is given a spectacular appearance of luxury by its beauty and finish.

4. The Bamboo Bae-

No change is too small, according to the philosophy behind the creation of The Bamboo Bae. During the adventure to the Northeast Indian forests, two avid travellers who frequently met nature covered in plastic garbage discovered remarkable handcrafted bamboo products that offered a solution to this never-ending issue. After they had this breakthrough, they knew they had to start introducing plastic-free products to the consumer market.

Their bamboo products range from coconut shell bowls to toothbrushes, candles, wooden brushes, cleaner dishes, clothespins, and paper pencils.

5. Madake-

Madake launched in June 2019 with the straightforward idea of creating environmentally-friendly substitutes for our daily needs. The goal was to create and provide superior-quality, environmentally friendly alternatives to the daily necessities that are used by everyone. The name Madake, after a Japanese bamboo plant named Madake, reflects their inspiration from nature to make a difference.

Madake strives to provide cutting-edge, eco-friendly products for anybody who values top quality and sustainability, using quality as their guiding principle. Their product line includes a wide variety of items, including spa collections, bathroom needs, and household necessities. They provide items like pens, soap bars, toothbrushes, headphones, and towels.

6. Codesustain-

One more of India’s top bamboo manufacturers is Codesustain. Codesustain collaborates with small-scale producers, NGOs, and craftspeople. They are creating a sustainable ecology that will benefit both consumers and artisans. Handcrafted items from their Kaca collection are constructed from seagrass, bamboo, and kauna. They are socially and environmentally conscientious. 10% of their earnings are donated to nonprofit organisations that help needy communities.

Their entire product line comes from ethical and sustainable sources. They have a variety of items in their assortment, such as serving trays, platters, shopping bags, and handbags.

7. Kosons forest product Pvt ltd-

The first and only bamboo flooring and panel manufacturer in the nation with comprehensive European finishing equipment is an ISO-accredited Kosons forest product Pvt ltd. Their line of bamboo flooring parquets and panels is very diverse. Compared to typical hardwood or laminate flooring, bamboo flooring is unique. The product has undergone evaluations for tensile strength, bonding strength, impact resistance, and termite resistance. In a short, they are working to create a product of the highest caliber possible by utilizing the greatest European machinery and materials.

Over the expected time, both the market for bamboo products in India and the number of bamboo manufacturers there would gradually rise. Due to its many advantages and low price, bamboo is becoming a more popular alternative to traditional hardwood in India, which is driving the market for bamboo products there. Moreover, the market will be driven by rising demand for eco-friendly products throughout the course of the projection period.

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